Monday, July 14, 2014


© The Weirding, 2014 

"The Weirding" refers to a collective DBA "The Weirding" specifically at but also across other sites and services; The Weirding employs "Web 2.0+" technological strategies to improve coverage and reach, as well as to take advantage of the technology made available by these sites and services. It will be referred to as The Weirding throughout the remainder of this document and beyond. It is based in the United States and is an opt-in entertainment site for adults only. 

The Weirding is not a pornographic site and recognizes terms such as "obscenity," in any form or by any other name ("blasphemy," "defamation," et. al.), only as censorship.
The views, opinions, and ideas expressed are understood to be the Intellectual Property of The Weirding though not necessarily reflective of the collective as a whole or individuals. The Weirding is an entertainment site. The collective maintains sovereignty in the right to freely express itself and communicate via any means known or later to be discovered, including but not limited to technological means, without regard to others' "right to be offended," "forgotten," nor any other "rights" meant to suppress or oppress the freedom of thought and the communication of ideas with one exception, as follows. 

The Weirding fully respects your right to opt-out of these communications in any responsible and non-threatening or harmful means - including financial, technological, or any other means yet to be discovered or defined. This agreement exists in perpetuity until and unless altered. This agreement can only be altered by The Weirding

The Weirding cannot be held responsible for minors accessing content presented on any site or service in use by the collective. The Weirding cannot be held responsible for any unauthorized or "illegal" access of any sites or services it employs. The Weirding cannot be held responsible for posts, comments, or ideas expressed by its subjects, aka "Assbiters."

© The Weirding, 2014


  1. Please note all copyrights and other rights that are in-place. This applies not only to America, as The Weirding is physically created and hosted in the United States, and extends to all other countries, nations, and areas from which it can be accessed. Please cite The Weirding as source for any information culled and reproduced in any form; please linkback to The Weirding if any information is used on another site.

    The Weirding loves to collaborate and is happy to extend all courtesy to collaborators but please respect the time, effort, work, and resources invested in these, and other, projects. Much of the information and content on this, and related, site(s) are under Creative Commons License and, as such, require merely a linkback and/or citation for use on other sites and in other publications.

  2. We do not own theweirding.COM, nor have we ever. We understand it is controlled out of Texas by the DOJ under the guise of Integrated Systems Information Specialists (ISIS), and accesses this and other accounts through Google, Ltd. in Canada - a division of Alphabet, Inc. (three-letter agencies and all acronyms belonging to US government and military).

    It was originally cybersquatter by criminal factions operating out of China.