Friday, April 12, 2019

UPDATES - 2019

I still cannot access the website's c-Panel, thanks to some nifty, ISraeli software which is meant to surveil my every keystroke, and cut-off all earnings due to my anti-ISraeli sentiment, which is exactly the way to prove I was right about them in the first place.

If you have been infected, redirected, or inconvenienced by any of the links or ads on any of the sites, please do not contact law enforcement -- contact a lawyer.  Then have your lawyer contact me, or my lawyer, and I will provide you with a list of names which should help in your attempts to find justice. Also, be sure to follow The Cyberculturalist and The OddBlog for upcoming posts regarding these, and similar, issues.

Odd time for a plug, but... you know, that's what I got.

  • Updated links across the sites (with the exception of the primary domain).
  • Updated RSS feeds.
  • Linked top-level domains where appropriate (,
  • Updated Channel-B.TV
  • Accepted new sponsors.  Still denying all ads and income in any way related to ISrael, ISraeli-based entities, and those supporting ISrael or any and all organizations and entities associated with such.
  • Re-designed and reinforced design across domains I can access.
Again, I am not at all kidding about the lawyer thing; please contact me for more information, especially if you suffered any financial or personal loss, or were the victim of tortious behavior (especially from "sock puppet" accounts).

The only Russians involved were reporters for RT they baited, then murdered.

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Friday, September 14, 2018


A lot of changes have gone into effect since 2016, when I last updated the site's content.  Most of these have to do with structure and security, such as the "s" at the end of the the "http."  I had no control over that (I could not afford a SSL certificate then, nor can I now); that was done by the host, and we're very grateful for that.

Also, due to losing 14 Windows-based PCs in less than 10 years, I switched to Apple in the Spring of 2017, and the web design program I've used for over 15 years now does not work on Mac.  So, it's less a matter of finding a web design program for Apple than it is the fact that the webpages up now are not going to be compatible, either.

Due to other demands on my time and resources, I simply cannot dedicate myself to re-designing the entire site from scratch at the moment.  While it is financially impossible right now, I plan on having one or two of these Windows machines repaired at some point in the future, and I will try to make small changes through the online website manager in the interim.

Project Wonderful closed, and the banner ads need to be replaced.

I'm also considering a News commentary blog (with a political bend, but comedic take), and actually considering repurposing The Wording for that.  Though I would still post news about updates to the site, as I have in the past.

It's honestly less about "having something important to say" than it is the fact that the online world (and the world, in general) has become so hyper-politicized that it's impossible to avoid discussing politics and news, and all of the active blogs are focused on other things (Cyberculture, Oddities,

All of those blogs (see sidebar) are still being updated regularly, by the way, so there is still new content being developed and published all the time.

Yes, our Twitter account was disabled without notice, and not for anything we did or said (as hard as that is to believe... because it's untrue):

I tried to login one day, shortly after the first Purge (of "Russian bots"), and received a message that the account may have been accessed by a third party, and it wanted to call my cellphone.  I don't have a cellphone and, even if I had a cellphone, I'd never added it to my Twitter account.  The whole thing seemed fishy, especially with all the security issues teh Internets has had lately, and I never received anything by e-mail regarding it, so I sent Twitter a message about it.

A week later, the account -- which was opened in 2008, and never even been suspended or "warned" for content -- was terminated without notice.  Still have never received an e-mail regarding "third party access," wanting to send codes to cellphones I don't have, nor the termination.

Twitter's for politicians and celebrities, anyway.  See what I mean about hyper-politicization?

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Friday, May 25, 2018

GDRP Notice

The Weirding does not intentionally employ cookies nor collect user data of any kind.  If any of our third-party apps, services, or vendors do, we have no control over that -- we refer you to their specific sites for more information on what is collected and how that information is used.  

The Weirding has been online for nearly 15 years and, over that time, we have tried many services, plug-ins, and so forth.  The possibility that some of these remain on the site somewhere is very high.  We do not have our own server, and outsource most of our features (including this blog).

We have always been big proponents of personal freedoms and privacy, but we have little to no control over third parties.  We have long championed the idea that companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and others are in violation of Anti-Trust laws, and should be held accountable to greater levels, but we don't work for any of those companies, and use of their goods and/or services does not, in any way, shift responsibility to us.

Regardless of where you are physically located, be aware that cookies related to The Weirding, and/or services used by or on The Weirding, may be placed on your system, but we don't know what they collect, nor how to access that data, and we absolutely do not sell this information to, nor share it with, anyone.

The Weirding is physically located in the United States of America, and is not subject to foreign nations' laws or strictures. -- we aren't even subject to the laws of other states within the United States  Attempts of any nature meant to force The Weirding to comply to foreign nations' laws, strictures, and/or court rulings will be considered extra-judicious.  This also applies to non-national and unrecognized entities, including (but not limited) to -- ISrael, institutions of any nature, and other corporations, occupations, territories, tribal collectives, and settlements.

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