Friday, April 12, 2019

UPDATES - 2019

I still cannot access the website's c-Panel, thanks to some nifty, ISraeli software which is meant to surveil my every keystroke, and cut-off all earnings due to my anti-ISraeli sentiment, which is exactly the way to prove I was right about them in the first place.

If you have been infected, redirected, or inconvenienced by any of the links or ads on any of the sites, please do not contact law enforcement -- contact a lawyer.  Then have your lawyer contact me, or my lawyer, and I will provide you with a list of names which should help in your attempts to find justice. Also, be sure to follow The Cyberculturalist and The OddBlog for upcoming posts regarding these, and similar, issues.

Odd time for a plug, but... you know, that's what I got.

  • Updated links across the sites (with the exception of the primary domain).
  • Updated RSS feeds.
  • Linked top-level domains where appropriate (,
  • Updated Channel-B.TV
  • Accepted new sponsors.  Still denying all ads and income in any way related to ISrael, ISraeli-based entities, and those supporting ISrael or any and all organizations and entities associated with such.
  • Re-designed and reinforced design across domains I can access.
Again, I am not at all kidding about the lawyer thing; please contact me for more information, especially if you suffered any financial or personal loss, or were the victim of tortious behavior (especially from "sock puppet" accounts).

The only Russians involved were reporters for RT they baited, then murdered.

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