Saturday, June 21, 2008

Techniques from Other Mediums

Gearing-up for the switch to yet another host (God willing, the last time we have to do this!), I realized the site had already gotten a bit disorganized. Most of this comes from a single design issue, as to how I should handle the RPG structure. So I decided to use a screenwriting technique to help me figure the whole thing out.

One technique in screenwriting is called "The Index Card Method" (actually, it has several names and there is probably an "official" one, but I don't feel like looking it up right now) and it is not only easy, it's effective - regardless of the form in which you are writing. What you do is write each scene on an index card, then lay the cards in front of you (or post them on a corkboard) and rearrange them. By changing the sequence of events, you often find a more effective way of telling the story - sometimes, you even find a different (but just as good, or better) one!

One of the strengths of this technique is that you often find a new, or more im portant, focus or storyline that had somehow remained hidden from you before - the "can't see the forest for the trees" thing; new storylines emerge and lesser ones dominate. This whole procedure allows you to better focus on the important aspects of the story and sometimes make an altogether different, but just as effective (even better), movie.

We do something similar in webdesign with our flowcharts, and since my particular issue is one of structure, I decided to try this approach and see what comes of it.

Another note: The Wording will be changing formats entirely; I am abandoning WP for Blogger and will institute the new format with the relaunch. Most posts will be kept and you will either be rerouted to the new one or simply rerouted to the new start page.

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