Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Hallowe'en - New Content!

Well, for once at least, I managed to do just what I said I was going to:

There is already a host of new content available. While not all of the links are active just yet, you can poke-around and find most everything I've published so far. I will be working well into the night, so I'm nowhere near finished.

Further, a lot of this is advanced drafts; there will be further revisions to improve navigation, layout, and overall design and content, but I said today was the day I'd have it up and so it was!

In particular, there is a whole lot of the Chill System Addenda up right now. The Vincent Campaign had to be postponed momentarily while I try to work-out some kind of deal with Hyrum and crew as to how to handle everything (not like a financial deal - I obviously don't want to sabotage anything they have going and have yet to hear back from them), but the system stuff is for 2nd-Ed. and has no bearing on the 3rd-Ed., so it's up. I did not get to the Menaces just yet, though it is very possible I will get at least a cover sheet or something up by tonight.

I got started on the Champions Megacity campaign material, but ran into some snags along the way, so it's a little wonky, but there will be at least some stuff up by the time darkness falls. Likewise, I will have the Sci-Fi Genre master up tonight, but so little works on it that it's largely just pretty to look at right this minute.

In fact, for these very reasons, I will come back and link to them later, as they are published.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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