Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Updating

Since The Weirding was first established (2006), it has been tradition to update over the holidays. We start on Halloween and usually continue through to sometime just after New Year's. The reason is simple: I had to be at home to hand-out candy and I was not able to get together with my family that first year. Things were such a hassle throughout 2007 that I wasn't able to get much done, and more or less by happenstance, I got around to another major update that Halloween. It just kind of worked out that way, but I like it and have decided to go with it.

As you can tell here, updates are still underway. You can expect new material, tweaking, and so forth, throughout January. This week, in particular, I am unrolling the Dark Conspiracy @ The Weirding content. The introductory material is up now and I hope to have more of the systems expansion up tomorrow. I may get some of the campaign setting (Metrodome) up by/on Christmas - or at least this weekend - but that stuff is so extensive that I'm not making any promises.

Along the way, there is more Champions stuff coming (just a page or two - that's really all I have time for); some of the very earliest stages of the Simple And Free Engine; the blogs are being tweaked; and all of the blogs will continue to be updated. If you are new here, The Weirding blogs comprise much of the site. More than just blogs, each functions as an entire department of the site - Weird Ink is probably the best example of this.

I am having to format every page to show-up browsers set to "Zoom Text Only" magnified once. This annoys me. I already make a lot of concessions for outdated OS, non-Firefox browsers, and older monitors (I would honestly like to set my resolution higher), and more. I am certain the site is ugly under some browsers and for that, I apologize. Like everything else, I can only fix it once I am made aware of it and have the time. If at all possible, The Weirding is best viewed at 1024x768 resolution under Firefox.

The truth is that, between all this tweaking and the graphics work, I simply run out of time daily... Graphics take a lot of work, but if I didn't have to worry with making sure everything shows correctly under different conditions, a whole lot more would already be published.

ANYwho, I've been saying for years now that there was a lot of content; hopefully now, you are starting to realize just how many plates I have spinning!

Merry Christmas!

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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