Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dark Conspiracy System Notes

This is not a review of the Empathic Sourcebook; this is just a quick note as to the sweeping system changes the book provides. I had heard about the d20 system just recently; the PC Booster Kit apparently contained a d20 system "upgrade," which addressed many of the issues in the original, d10-based system found in the core rulesbook. Since I did not own it, I just continued using the d10 system - though I created a lot of expansion sets to make-up for all the shortcomings.

The Empathic Sourcebook completely overhauls everything presented in the core book, as well as the d20 system presented in the PC Booster Kit. I mean, the entire first chapter is dedicated to these changes, which are vast and numerous. It addresses skills, attributes, rolls, crits and fumbles, melee specialization - literally the entire system.

This is why there needs to be a real, substantial resource which explains which RPG books offer what. You do not need to purchase the PC Booster Kit is what I'm telling you; you do need to pick up the Empathic Sourcebook ASAP, because the entire Dark Conspiracy department is going to be updated to be compatible with the d20 system and other rules contained within.

I honestly wish there were a resource detailing what all these books offer! It is with no small disappointment I realize all the time spent trying to fix the flawed system presented in the main book was simply wasted; apparently, certain key books in the line did this for us. Minion Nation is specifically mentioned as containing a list of terms used in the game, for example.

I suppose I will do this, but I am of course limited as to which books I can include. I will have things to say about each book in the series, as I get them, and I plan to get most all of them in time.

© C Harris Lynn, 2009


  1. You know what, though? I was dead-on in most cases! I was not just "on the right track," I nailed it - at least according to what is presented in this book.

    I hate that I had already moved on from gaming when this book, and the rest of the line, was released, because the Empathic Sourcebook alone would have made this one of my favorite games, instead of one of those I always chipped away at, largely because I could never get a handle on it and was determined to do so.

    This is so much more than an expansion of the Empathy stat and skills; this really should have been called a Companion, because that's what it is.

  2. I'd been putting-off dealing with this because I was under the impression it would take a lot of work, but actually, the main difference is simply that Difficulty Levels are one easier: "Easy" is now x4 instead of x2, etc. (Empathic Sourcebook, p. 7-8).

    Knowing this, I've already begun updating the section. It will be some time before it's revised, but the operation is underway!