Monday, May 25, 2009

Fantasy Material

Is on the way, as a neighbor and I participated in the Worldwide D&D Day event, albeit in my living room. We had a good time and I recorded a lot of the information to share in a non-campaign specific way, since I am using almost all 3rd-party supplements as source material. It isn't much, but it's something.

I did move and am still having issues settling in. It took weeks to get a working refrigerator here and I still have a non-functioning stove setting in the kitchen. All the books did not make the move yet; I put a lot in storage because this place is less than ideal. I may be able to salvage it with a lot of work, but it may be beyond that point. It remains to be seen.

I also have Champions stuff that really will be published this week. It's the legal system stuff that was so popular before, but I've added to it, reformatted it, and so on. I am trying to keep all this stuff as basic as possible and still achieve what I'm going for, since it doesn't seem to be appearing on everyone's screens the same way. This is a major problem, as a lot of the reason these pages are taking so long is adding graphics.

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