Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chill: Designer Notes

Almost everything on The Weirding is in the Creative Commons license published across the site (I'll add the link later), which includes everything provided for Chill. I encourage derivative works and try to link liberally to others' throughout the text and by adding specific URLs or entire sites in the Navigation when most appropriate. If you have something you'd like me to note - possibly add to a page, or whatever - or you would like me to remove, just drop me a line in the Comments. I no longer provide the RPG address due to spam, but regular readers know it (and you can probably figure it out).

Anyway, this page provides webmasters and game designers the technical information they need to link to Chill @ The Weirding content, along with my notes. All you need to do to link directly to an anchored section is add a pound sign (#) at the front of the anchor's name, then tack it onto the end of the page link URL.

[ ]

There are many tutorials online.


Faith & Resolve

Skills Advancement

Investigation Expansion

Vincent Overview (Index)
Third-to-last paragraph in the first section, starting: "All of this in-fighting..."
The sixth paragraph in the Today section, which begins, "The entire city's fashion, culture, and nightlife..."

I know I got carried away with the boxes. I ran out of time! I'll fix the graphic design elements later. Let me know if those boxes look cheap; I kind of like them, but I obviously overdid them here.

Vincent Control

Again, I got carried away with the color-coding (sidebar). I was trying to make it easier to find criterion literally "at a glance." Not all of the boldface is necessary, either; a lot of that is for me. Some of those are links, others are reminders to me, and still others are meant to facilitate reading... that's a lot of text. Boldfacing keywords also helps search engines figure out the subject matter of the content or something (but too much turns them off - SEO shit).

The picture of Eastgate was provided by Jan KratÄ›na and used with permission. It was modified (C Harris Lynn) for our purposes. She-Hulk 1990s Decade Variant, ©2009, Marvel Characters, Inc.

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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