Saturday, August 13, 2011

AD&D Update

We are still running our campaign, but we hit a snag a week or so back thanks to pressing matters - namely one of the players' birthday. He was out of town that weekend, then last week, I had a personal issue to which I was forced to attend. This weekend, we may play a short game due to similar issues, as Sunday seems not to be working-out for us.

I know the players are a little non-plussed with the second-edition, but wasn't everybody? I've already informed them time and again that I have no desire to learn a newer version of the game. For as stable as I'm sure it might be, I didn't notice a sudden return to the game by those of us who used to play, nor did I hear anything all that great about any of them. The latest edition is little more than the paper edition of World of Warcraft. No, 2E isn't great, but for D&D, it's just fine and, in fact, it's the last edition that's literally just called "AD&D" - which says more than I ever could, or need to!

No, 2E is just fine, I have more books for it than for any other game system I ever collected (and that's well over a dozen right there). Besides, the only reason I still have these books and agreed to play is because D&D is the standard of the hobby; I'd much rather play Rolemaster, Warhammer, RuneQuest, or some other system. If we end-up playing this game years down the line, then upgrading might be a viable option but, for now, this is just a fun thing between friends and I plan on trying to keep it that way.

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  1. Yep; looks like we'll be moving the game to Monday nights, possibly following this week.

    There are still slots open for anyone who's interested. Just contact me to learn more.