Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Even More Updating - Golden Heroes Champions

I got the first major part of Metrodome (Dark Conspiracy campaign setting) updated today, as well as a couple of the Champions pages. Along the way, I "rediscovered" a Golden Heroes Champions page that I thought you might like.

It looks like I may be able to get a Chill page off for Halloween, which excites me no end because I love Chill and I loved updating the pages a few weeks back. That's a really strong department and one of my all-time favorite games, so I love to do right by it, and I don't like to rush jobs. However, there are two possible pages I'm considering, both of which would be pretty short work because they are largely ready to go.

This may be difficult to pull-off due to the 31 Days of Horror movie reviews thing I'm doing over to The Rundown, but it is doable, so there's some new Chill headed your way yet again this year!

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