Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Due to work schedules and the fact that we just didn't feel like doing all the work early or late this year, I'll be spending Thanksgiving alone. However, I learned an important lesson a year or so back when I did this: Make Thanksgiving dinner! Every commercial, sit-com, and TV show was about Thanksgiving and eating leftovers and I stayed hungry and upset the entire time. It wasn't so much about missing the company as it was missing the food.

Anyway, this means I'll be online and probably working on Thanksgiving, so I may get to those Christmas updates yet. But don't plan on it. I got the cheapest, quickest route short of buying my Thanksgiving dinner straight-out, but I'm going to spend the time on it, make it as right as it can be, and enjoy myself. Probably watch a slew of movies and read some comics in between servings.

It did get me to wondering about how others are spending their holidays since social networking and the Web has taken such hold. One thing you could do, seeing as how people will be there and there will be plenty of time, is teach the kids to game.

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