Monday, January 2, 2012

Chill Online, Updates

We have been playing sessions of Chill online for a few weeks now - going back toward Halloween, in fact. The first few sessions were spent creating characters but we got into the story on our last date.

I put together YouTube playlists to create soundtracks for the game, as well as different locations in the game. They visited a few bars and clubs in Vincent. We used the Vincent campaign setting that you can check out free online at The Weirding. In fact, some things that happen in this campaign will impact what I publish on the site. The playlists worked really well - we just used the volume control on YouTube to make them quiet enough to provide background.

Google+ Hangouts worked great under Chrome. It was very smooth with less than a second of delay on this end. I had some video issues under Firefox during one of the sessions. That may have been due to add-ons, temporary network congestion, or an overflowing cache (I watch a lot of streaming media), but Chrome handled it very well.

I have been focusing my attention on that, following the overhaul of the site. I added some new material for Vincent over the weekend but have nothing else planned for the immediate future. The next update on the site will be either the spring or summer and may or may not include anything for Chill.

I will keep you apprised of the campaign here, though. I won't bore you with too many details, but will tell you about the technological approaches we take, the experiments we undergo, and how well things do or don't work - stuff like that.

If this venture is successful enough, I will consider running other games online as well. Also using Google+ Hangouts and basically everything else we learn from this outing. And I really do hope it goes well.

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  1. I had to update the entire Vincent section to make way for the Eastgate addition, so those pages might need to be refreshed once they have been loaded if you have been there before.