Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cyberpunk Glossary Underway

It has been at least five years or so since the Cyberpunk Glossary was online. I took it down from the GeoCities site and worked to put it on The Weirding, but faced one setback after another in my attempts. I also suffered from a lack of design, at least until recently.

How I have a good design, have all the terms in place, and have the entire Glossary laid out and ready for publishing. I am just working on fixing internal links and ensuring all the elements and their information are in-place. It's a big, big job, so I'm not giving any ETA but it will be up soon. At the very, very latest, it should be up by the Spring (probably much sooner, but just to be on the safe side) - barring any unforeseen setbacks. And this particular project has been plagued from the start by bizarre setbacks, so...

© C Harris Lynn, 2011

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