Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Weirding Needs You!

The Weirding needs you!

We don't much care what your skillset is so long as you are willing to not only contribute, but get down with "The Program." Like all websites and companies, The Weirding has, and is, cultivating what may seem to many to be a rather haphazard sort of "branding" (although we bristle at such a notion). That is to say that we have a direction in which we wish to take this site and whatever other media/content may result from it and we need like-minded people to join the fun.

The truth is that we cannot pay you outright due to tax regulations but we are not asking you to work "for free." We receive a shit-ton of what (we think) the kids call "swag" and we'll give you that shit. We also provide you with working materials, including programs, and other resources to help facilitate your output and personalize your workspace. Your work is unlikely to be seen by many because we get like zero visitors but you are expected to promote the site and content, including your own. We don't need programmers, so your job at McDonald's is secure, but if you're good at coding and/or webdesign, The Weirding could definitely use a facelift.


  • This is a "Nerd-Culture" site - a nerdery, a nerderarium - more specifically, a culture site curated by actual nerds. Watching Dr. Who does not make you a "geek" anymore so than liking comic book movies does.
  • Comic book appreciation, history, knowledge (including creators and companies) is mandatory.
  • Pop-Culture knowledge is mandatory.
  •  Movie buff knowledge is mandatory, specifically regarding B-raters and splatterflicks.
  • Knowledge of HTML is a must; DHTML, CSS, JS, Java, Pearl, Ruby on Rails, et. al. is all a plus. 
  • Knowledge of FTP is mandatory
  • We welcome ideas just not yours.
  • Photoshop (by any means - GIMP, Paint.Net, et. al.) is a must.
  • Metal (Heavy, Death, Doom, Progressive, Classic, et. al.) is a must. NO BLACK METAL (King Diamond and Mercyful Fate being the obvious the exceptions.)
  • Rudimentary knowledge of Art is necessary - composition, color scheme, personalities, works, et. al. This does not include Art History, though that is a bonus.
  • Blogging knowledge adamant - including use of tags/labels, Template/Layout, et. al.
  • You will be expected to help maintain blogs and social media outlets.
  • Full participation in American holidays mandatory.
  • Creators' Rights are fully respected and will remain intact. The Weirding's rights to display your work are not contractual nor considered "work for hire" but denote an implied relationship with the understanding that they may be used for promotional and/or decorative purposes.
  • Tasks are assigned and expected to be completed although deadlines are negotiable
  • If you consider yourself some sort of "improvisational comedian" who wishes to become a regular on the B-Rater, we're happy to audition you. You will not appear on the LIVE show until you pass the audition and have been tested off-air.
Not sure if you've got what it takes? Then please do not waste our time.

This is in no way considered a legally binding contract; this is an implied consent form.
Depending on certain circumstances an NDNC is required in full (mail-in).
Note the "Non-Compete" clause is negotiable.


© The Weirding, 2014

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