Friday, October 17, 2014

Turning the Page

The Weirding has always been about Design, which we've discussed here many times before. By now, the darker theme should be in-place across the site, although deeper links and pages may not have been updated before this post is published. We feel the darker design better represents the thematic matter the site deals with.

The Weirding can best be described as a semi-coherent collection of random, fleeting thoughts on a variety of topics from the perspective of pop-culture or "nerd-culture" geeks. Many of these themes and subjects are dark in nature, or at least appear to be, and the previous design did not communicate that to viewers.

For years now, The Weirding has been dedicated, almost solely, to tabletop RPG and the design was meant to resemble the pages of a book. Over the years, webpages were built on top of old ones, quick "patches" and "workarounds" were employed, source files were lost and corrupted, and all other manner of ills befell us, leaving the site in shambles. Oh sure, it was okay to gawk at in-passing but not something at which anyone cared to openly stare for more than a few seconds. Changes to browsers and OS have further complicated matters and our numerous interests left users confused as to just what the hell we do.

While we still have no answer for that last bit, and we still produce RPG material, the content The Weirding provides and curates is increasingly less text-based and more audio/visual, so
the old look no longer served our needs. The darker design is a nod to the cheap B-movies in which the The B-Raters revel, as well as the content most often shown on Underground.TV (embedded on the Entertainment Directory), but much of the RPG content is dark, as well.

Dystopian, science-fiction landscapes dominated by a massive and nefarious corporotocracy; fantasy countrysides under siege by sloven demihuman forces; ancient, interstellar races infiltrating Mankind since its inception - all of these describe the various RPG games and/or materials we provide. The OddBlog is devoted entirely to the odd and Unexplained, much of which is shrouded in mystery.

This dark theme runs throughout the content and the new design better presents the material by establishing a visual atmosphere which accentuates the mood the content evokes.

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