Saturday, January 10, 2015

Issues with Feed

One of the cornerstones of this new design was "The Feed" - a primary timeline collected from all our many irregularly-posting outlets. We admit this has proven far more complicated than it should be. The main problem we're having at this point is that it refuses to show-up at all on the page and, when it does, it's hopelessly out-of-date and seems to prefer sources.

Maybe this shouldn't be as important a feature as it has become in my mind. After all, it comprises only a fraction of what we have to offer, albeit a large fraction. I'm continuing on with it for that very reason, though I admit to taking some satisfaction in doing so.

This post sounds a lot more important than it really is but I dig the tone.

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  1. I finally figured it out but I'm not proficient enough with CSS to really do much of anything special with it yet.