Monday, September 22, 2008


Yes, once again, things hit a slight snag. I said before that Halloween is the time to look forward to and so it is. I cannot say exactly how much of what will be online then, but that is the next major update.

In particular, new Chill, Dark Conspiracy, and Champions material is set for publication and a lot of the RPG information that was divided into the other blog will instead be integrated into the overall site. I really couldn't tell you which takes more time - actually creating the content or formatting it correctly... both take a very long time. Still, it is being done as I can get to it.

I managed to get a loan (that's costing me way too much) and pay off the fine I owed, but then I was sick all last week. I'm feeling a little better so far today, though the cool weather and rain has kept my neck hurting the past 3-4 days. Still, I have managed to do a few things here and there along the way - mostly tweaks to the stuff already online - and will continue to do so up to the end of October.

I may skip the Christmas update this year and focus instead on promotion. By tehn, I expect to have enough content up to make it worthwhile.

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