Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fuck September

Right in its... whatever it has.

Let's see where to begin. I got into it with the drunk neighbor because he threatened me over my cat being outside. I got into it with the crazy neighbor because we discovered she is the one who is constantly calling the police on everyone in the apartment building - but has yet to be charged with a "non-emergency 911 call."

I got into it with my female friend because she has taken up a lifestyle with which I disagree and was intent on spending my money to support it while lying to my face. I got into it with my friend because she took something I said the wrong way and hung up on me when I tried to explain how it really was a misunderstanding (the original misunderstanding was my fault - I said something trying to be funny and I, along with her, realized it was not that funny once it had been said - but immediately thinking the worst of me, acting like a child, and refusing to hear me out is completely on her).

I got my fine paid, but had to take out a loan in order to do it. Now I have yet another monthly bill. Google reduced my PR to 0 which will only make it harder to make said money. I did not get into it with Google; Google can eat dick and die. I use less than 1/10th of Google's services and use those only because Google is a monopoly which bought-up the companies who originally provided said functions.

The landlady sent me a notice of possible eviction because I have not paid my pet deposit yet. She agreed on the phone that I have been paying over my regular rent in order to cover this deposit, but the way things work here, that doesn't mean much. I like my landlady though and will give her the benefit of the doubt. Besides, I am trying to pay the pet deposit as best I can.

Just a horrible month all the way around!

With it out of the way, I can but pray October and what's left of the year is better. Maybe I can finally focus and get something done!

Speaking of which, look forward to the Halloween "reveal," when I will be adding a slew of new content. Following that, I will finally get around to promoting The Weirding.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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