Saturday, October 4, 2008

Champions FAQ

All Champions products are trademark(s) of DOJ, Inc., used by permission. All rights reserved. The HERO SystemTM is DOJ, Inc.'s trademark for its roleplaying system. See for more information. The HERO System and all associated games, game products, terms, and images are copyright 2003 by DOJ, Inc. All rights reserved. The original material presented here is my own creation, intended for use with the HERO System and/or other products of DOJ, Inc. d/b/a Hero Games. This material is not official, and has not been approved or endorsed by DOJ, Inc.

This is the material that originally appeared on Fear the Outside and the Official Champions Mailing List. All rights to original material previously presented there and elsewhere have been extended/transferred to The Weirding, in association with C Harris Lynn, as owner and operator. Please reroute all existing links here:

All material originally presented on Fear the Outside has been removed. Links there will be updated to point here. Please update your links and references to do the same.

All of this material is based on the 4th-Ed. (Big Blue Book) Champions RPG. Sources are cited in context. I have no idea how compatible any or all of this is with newer editions, but I welcome all comments - and especially conversions and conversion notes - from everyone. Please leave general suggestions, links, and errata to the system (including conversion notes) here.

Creative Commons License

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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