Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dark Conspiracy: Metrodome Updates

This is the updates post for Dark Conspiracy: Metrodome. I haven't heard back from the guys working on the 3rd-Ed., but I hope to make Metrodome and the expansions compatible with the new release.

Make sure to check out the new ProtoDimension Magazine, dedicated to all things dark and conspiratorial! If everything goes well, the Sport Skill will be appearing in a future issue (as well as on the site - eventually).

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  1. Developed and published the first-pass of R.A.S.S.L., including the Unarmed Melee Combat Expansion Rules Set.

  2. Second pass of R.A.S.S.L. and the UMC Expansion published.

    Edits of existing text, added/expanded history, and more background information.

  3. If you're having problems viewing the Metrodome page - or any page, for that matter - please let me know. It's showing up differently on the 98 box, even though I'm pretty sure the settings are the same.

    The browsers are older versions, which may have something to do with it, but the settings for the monitor and all that are the same.

    The problem is that 98 is such an outdated OS that I'm getting a lot of weird messages - like JavaScript is disabled (it isn't) and so forth - so I really can't tell.

    Please let me know and I'll make whatever changes are necessary so you can get the most out of the site and the information we present.

  4. I got New Orleans - which I could not suggest more strongly - and am making my way through it. I am also reading Seattle Sourcebook for Shadowrun. I will add to the material as I see fit (and it will likely be a hell of a lot!) because these books have really inspired me and shown me the data I should include.

    As I say in the FAQ, all of this material came about as needed, so if I had no need for it, it was never developed. Feel free to add what you need but, like I say, I'm about to go through and add a lot of material which will flesh it out immensely.

  5. I finally finished and reviewed New Orleans. It took me longer than usual due to personal issues (I just haven't been able to focus lately).

    Though not yet published, I have included rules for Intimidation and Fear, the Sport Skill, suggestions and ideas for including sports in your games, and a change to the Instruction and learning process. I am having to be careful because I am working across two computers and they aren't networked; I am sending the files back and forth through an IM program and I have to be cautious of making changes to the same page on both computers and overwriting the file by accident.

    Due to tax season and other issues, I am not giving you an ETA at this time, but I will post here whenever I publish anything.

  6. I got the Empathic Sourcebook and discovered that it contains many of the rules I was developing in-house, such as Fear. While a good thing, it is yet another setback, as I now have to go back through and remove material I just added - and that results in going back through layout, etc.

    The system is changed to a d20-based engine and I am not yet familiar with it. While I would normally say go ahead and use what's up if you do not have the Empathic Sourcebook, this is a case in which I suggest purchasing a copy; it contains so much pertinent system information that you should not be without it.

    If you have the 2nd-Ed. books, I understand the information is already included.

  7. It's Halloween y'all, and long-time visitors know what that means: UPDATES!

    Because I fell ill last week, I'm rolling things out a little early this year; just keep checking-back, because I'm fixing the Metrodome page, adding BioMed (finally), and more.

    I wanted to elaborate on the comment above concerning the neighborhoods, because it reads a little cryptic:

    All of this material was actually compiled through play. Okay, technically, it was created and thrown-together over the many years we played and then compiled later, but you get the idea.

    The point is, I developed a general "system" for neighborhood information at some point along the way, based upon what we (I) found necessary; anything that wasn't needed and didn't immediately come to mind (due to location/relation to other neighborhoods, factions centered therein, et.al.) was just overlooked. I tried to fill that information in when I first published Metrodome, but the more I designed it from an OOG (Out-Of-Game) perspective, the more I realized needed to be filled-in.

    I know y'all don't know Metrodome as intimately as I - how could you? - but what I didn't realize was just how little information I'd provided in some cases, so I'm working on expanding the whole cityscape from a meta-perspective (as in, expanding all the 'Dome at once, as opposed to just providing whatever I have whenever I get to it).

    But... I'm still going to publish what I can, when I can, and we'll just find our way through it as we go. You'll also find that I included the actual adventures I ran in which the neighborhood(s) was developed - which is one of the reasons I did things the way I did.

    Hey? It's free. And it's new!

  8. 1. Added BioDyne.
    2. Working on Empathic Cell for Chandler.
    3. Shit! - Added Chandler.
    4. Working on "Pink," updates for GM page - both for BioMed.
    5. Updated Careers.
    6. Added Ganger
    7. The title for the Careers page is showing up as "Ganger." I'm aware of it and working on it.

  9. Published Pink, the first adventure for the Metrodome Campaign setting. Dark Conspiracy.