Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Champions/Megacity Updates

The entire Champions section is undergoing a massive overhaul, both stylistically and structurally. The navigation system was literally just thrown-together to allow you to surf through the content available at the time and was always going to be changed, and no art was included in the original pass (which was done on deadline).

In further drafts, it became necessary to add separate directories for several subjects (such as images, legal, and more) and several files were then moved from their original locations. Instead of rushing a second pass out, knowing more changes are coming that could result in further navigational and structural changes, I am going to do a big release without ETA or prior announcement.

© C Harris Lynn, 2009


  1. I know the current index page is wonky. I redid the SEA section and accidentally published it to the main directory, so I had to scramble to republish the original index, except that I have been working on it, so it wasn't the same and I knew the very original template I had for it - which is the one I used to first publish the page to begin with - was not what you have been seeing (I change all of the pages by hand after publication).

    The new index page is far more robust and is taking longer to finish than I first expected, so bear with me. It should be up by the end of this week, pending.

  2. 1. Updated Index
    2. Changed com_ref to "comref"
    3. Eliminated everyman.html (integrated into index as planned)
    4. Using Deadzone 1 font for titles

  3. 1. Updated Megacity Index.
    2. Updated Equipment (added Jet Ski).

  4. Added Pink, the first adventure for the Dark Conspiracy Metrodome Campaign.