Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Updates Tag

I am adding a new tag today: UPDATES. Each department (that isn't a blog or directly related to one) will have a link to its updates page(s); follow it to see what is new or what has changed.

I received an e-mail today from the manager of a Webring to which I belong, stating that my site membership had been removed due to a lack of activity. I find that shitty - especially since I have been a member of said Webring for nearly six years now! And it fails to bring any traffic, anyway.

Still, the real point is that there actually have been updates to the department, just not perceptible ones. In particular, I have added art to several pages and am specifically working on developing a comprehensive navigational system because you could only get to some pages from others and it was hard to find content. Either way, I just made a major update this past Halloween - that's just over three months ago and we had like 234907094 holidays, too!

Anyway, you will now be able to find out what's up with your favorite game, department, or feature by following its update post(s).

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