Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Online Campaign

We started an AD&D2e campaign online a week or so back. We know ADD2e is a mess of a system, and we know that Dungeons & Dragons is as much a game as a roleplaying game, but I let the players choose it. Even if nostalgia was a factor in the decision, I have wanted to play good ol' AD&D a few times over the years as well, and this was the perfect opportunity to play with some old-hands from back in the day, so I agreed.

The campaign is set in Greyhawk literally because I lost the books to Forgotten Realms (which I know far better). I haven't read anything to do with Greyhawk since I was in, or right out of, highschool. But it's a fantastic world, by every definition, and a far-cry from FR, which is basically just a write-up of our, real world using magic as a replacement for technology.

Anyway, we just got started, but I'll be posting notes and rulings and such soon. I'll keep the Greyhawk and campaign-specific stuff separate.

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