Friday, July 1, 2011

Genre Indeces

The Genre Indeces were always supposed to be directories as well as menus, I simply haven't been able to get to them due to all the tumultuous weather and the fact that I have lost three, brand new computers to lightning in two fucking years! Ahem.

So I'm getting to them now, over the holiday weekend.

If you have anything Horror, Sci-Fi, or Fantasy related that you'd like for me to include, please post it here. Comments are moderated, so I will only publish those that aren't personal.


© C Harris Lynn, 2011


  1. I am also including the Superhero and Mystery genres as indices. Until now, they've just been placeholders for that ephemeral "sometime in the future," but I managed to cull some pretty sweet stuff as I was going through the other pages, so send it all along.

  2. Still working on them. They may be a bit pretentious in their design and all, but I like them. Those elements are changing as I continue to finish the pages and they aren't quite as strong.