Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chill, Champions

Okay, after what amounts to literally months of work on both Chill and Champions (though could be boiled down to about a solid week on each), I think I got everything hooked together so that you can actually see and hopefully find the material. I added new material to both recently, though I realized on going back through that you couldn't really get to some of it - or it was just difficult to get to and from.

I did the same for the Dark Conspiracy section, but there's still a long ways to go in that department. I do have some new material up for it, but mostly just rewritten material. I had no idea the Chandler section was not still posted, but I seem to remember pulling it down because it was wonky... apparently, I never got it back up and going and I apologize for that. That was one of those things I somehow completely overlooked and the webmasters' tools apps and services didn't manage to clue me into.

Finally, there is more Chill headed your way this Halloween. I know you're going to dig this stuff.

© C Harris Lynn, 2011


  1. I'm still finding broken links and missing bits, so bear with me here. I'm more into surfing the site than I have been in years, so I'm coming across the gaffes and fixing them as I do.

  2. Good googly-moogly! After sticking with this webdesign program since like 2004 or so, undergoing all of its many revamps and revisions, and workaround-ing all its bugs, the entire site is a mess...

    There's just no way I could have ever found this stuff without a powerful link-checking tool, which I was lucky to find. Anyway, it's getting stronger and I apologize for all the many years of what appears to be total slack!