Thursday, August 25, 2011

BioMed Up

Okay, I finally got the revamped BioMed up and going. BioMed is the biomedical zaibatsu for the Metrodome Dark Conspiracy RPG campaign setting. It is a smaller campaign setting in and of itself, but only a sector of Metrodome, the larger cityscape. BioMed includes a written campaign hook and adventure entitled Pink (GMs only), which allows you to get up and going within a single night if you have to.

I advise reading the material thoroughly and sketching-out some randoms tables and ideas first, then creating characters with an eye toward playing this adventure before leaping right in, but everything you need to know to play is there. Pink is more of a hook than a full-blown adventure and makes for great campaign background throughout Metrodome and the Dark Conspiracy RPG as a whole.

BioMed is also a very dangerous place which can bring PCs into contact with The Dark far more quickly than most locales, so GMs should make sure to read the information thoroughly before making it the focus of their campaigns.

© C Harris Lynn, 2011

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