Friday, August 26, 2011

SEO and Organization

In case anyone thinks I am only updating for Search Engine Optimization purposes, it isn't true. If you surf across the site, you'll see I'm trying my best to discover and install a decent navigational system. This comes down largely to the position of links, as I have gone with a links-based system.

I like the minimal approach The Weirding has held onto for all these years, but I understand it's confusing. I have several options in mind, but none of them suit me so I'm still playing around with all of that. Getting something like that together will be a major, major overhaul so it's not even really on the menu right this minute. Instead, I'm using links on the sideboard - a tried and true approach straight from the earliest days of the commercial Interwebz.

Anyway, fixing broken links is the major undertaking as late, but rearrangement is another part of it. Lastly, SEO is not to be ignored and I haven't ignored it. Still, it isn't the major reason I'm doing this, nor the primary thrust behind it.

There really is a lot of new material, and it really is easier to find and re-find (to some extent), though I'm nowhere near pleased with it. Please take a moment to suggest anything you'd like to see or think would help. Thanks!

© C Harris Lynn, 2011

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