Sunday, September 25, 2011

Buncha Nothing

Some time back, I could just go on and on about nothing at all on basically any of the blog without worry - no one was reading them anyway. I know that some people read this and I apologize for going on and on about nothing when I do, but this blog was always meant to be a sort of personal blog as well as siteblog - collecting my personal feelings and thoughts as I work on the site.

When I look back on various updates and roll-outs, it's interesting to know what I was thinking when I did them. It gives me some insight into what it was I was trying to accomplish or what I was going for - why did I think this approach or that one was the best way to go, or why did I link that page to the other, and so forth.

These posts are basically my design notes. Sometimes, I'm inspired by a TV series I'm watching, book I'm reading, or something I've seen or experienced. I'll forget about these things without some kind of record of them, and this blog provides just that.

So while some posts may seem like they're about nothing, they may be important in the larger scheme of things. For visitors, this blog is really meant to be read by post, not directly through, so that gives me some leeway to post whatever I like.

© C Harris Lynn, 2011

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