Sunday, September 25, 2011

Registration Bags

The registration bags I put together for my convention-themed weekend party are worth about $50 each. They contain several Marvel comics from the 1990s, an issue of Eclipse's underrated Kamui, a deck of Over the Edge playing cards, a pack of Jim Lee's W.I.L.D.kaps, a mystery novel chosen at random, and a pen and pencil.

It got me to thinking that this is how every convention should be. Every con should have a registration goodies bag worth at least as much as the ticket. This stuff came from my personal collection (the "To-Sell" stacks, but still), but real conventions should be able to get swag out the frame from companies and dealers working the show - even those who can't attend (actually, especially those - they should want some form of presence since they can't be there). With comic books and gaming supplies the prices they are these days, it shouldn't be hard to get enough stuff for the ticket to pay for itself.

© C Harris Lynn, 2011

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