Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cyberpunk Glossary Delay

I swear something does not want me to publish this thing, because this is at least the third or fourth time I've completed the damned thing only to have the computer go out on me or something happen that prevents me from publishing it. I'm going to slave the hard drive the Cyberpunk Glossary resides on to this computer one of these days if I can, then I'll tweak the rest of the Glossary and publish it.

I apologize for this, because the Cyberpunk Glossary is one of those things I've promised numerous times and haven't been able to deliver yet, but it's there. Like I say, we had one of the first - I created it specifically because I couldn't find any others - but there are several online now. Still, it would be nice to have it up there - especially since I've finished the stupid thing three or four times already.

© C Harris Lynn, 2012

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