Saturday, March 24, 2012


What I think I'll be working on next is an introductory/low-level adventure for Chill, but I'm not 100% on that just yet. We are still playtesting the adventure for one thing, but I also need some time to get used to my new computer and set it up for working. Once I get that far, I may have something else in mind to do. You should expect the Chill adventure one of these days, though.

I also have the Birdston adventure for Dark Conspiracy that some of you may remember from the GeoCities site. I have worked on that one a few times over the years, and the big problem is layout. There is a lot of information for that little scenario and it's hard to lay it out so that it not only looks nice but makes sense and flows well - at least it's hard for me to do. I plan on releasing it one of these days, though.

For the most part, you could say the agenda is wide open until I get further into this computer business. I got the programs installed, but I haven't downloaded the site files yet. Also, the site CD with the main files I need, as well as those that haven't been uploaded yet, is stuck in the computer that won't start. Yet another thing to have done (or do myself)...

Anyway, I think you can expect an adventure next. That just seems to be the way things are going right this minute.

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