Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Blogger

I'm working under the new Blogger now and it's a little confusing. I am still figuring things out and haven't been posing as much as I used to. I also got a new computer. It's refurbished, but it's new to me. Anyway, I had to install all my programs and things on that and get it configured and so forth. That took a few weeks and I'm still having some issues with it, but I'm dealing.

I have no idea what is coming up next right now. I have some thoughts, but I'm not going to tease you because there is no ETA and I'm not even sure I'll head in one direction or the other. Everything is up in the air right this moment. I may have some exciting news for you in a few months regarding a new feature on the site, but I can't say much about it right now because it's just in its infancy stage.

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