Monday, February 2, 2015

January 2015 Updates

I made some primary changes to the Chill and Champions sections. I will come back in later and make title graphics for the sidebar content. I removed the icon bars from all of the tertiary pages for navigational purposes.

I interviewed Douglas Paszkiewicz of Arsenic Lullabies. I also hung the Features page. I included it there and included the Features page on the Entertainment page. I added Underground TV to the Entertainment page along with Geekshed IRC. I redrew all of the main navigational points: Index, Entertainment, RPG, Features, and Genre Directories.

I updated all of the blogs and gave them cosmetic upgrades, as well. I also changed the RSS feed output and need to start using a Pagebreak. I combined all of the pertinent blogs' RSS feeds into one stream using Feed Informer.

I created an HTML page for every B-Raters episode. I am working on developing the B-Raters blog to include write-ups for every movie.

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