Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Note on Content

I wanted to note that by including certain works or articles, The Weirding does not condone criminal or malicious behavior. We appeal to a certain subsect of society that appreciates the deviance in humanity and we believe that while there are things to be learned from such, the behavior itself is an illness that cannot be tolerated by any means.

The inclusion of such material is in no way meant to promote deviant behavior of any kind. I simply find some of the things such people wrote and said to be profound even in ways I'm certain they didn't mean. Studies have proven that in areas where pornography is readily available, the incidences of sexual-related crime decreases, yet Ted Bundy insisted the common factor amongst violent criminals with whom he had contact had one thing in common. This was a popular notion at the time, remember; serial killer Ted Bundy backs the Moral Majority's opinion on pornography.

Either way, The Weirding covers a lot of territory and the inclusion of some objectionable material is noted on the entrance.

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