Tuesday, April 5, 2016

UPDATES - March, 2016

I know it's been a year since I updated the weblog, but I haven't had a computer! Besides, all the changes I've made since then have been minor.

Published 503 error page
Updated Home, Entertainment, 403, 404 design
Updated weblog design, content

There is an issue with commenting on some of the blogs due to a conflict with Google+.

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  1. I may have found the login information to the "other" The Weirding account(s?) but I have not yet had the time to see if it works. If I remember correctly, a separate account had to be created at that time as a "master account" for handling pages.

    We do not own nor do we run theweirding. C O M -- nor do we know who does, nor what is on it -- you should not ever be redirected to that domain, and it is not part of our site or satellite accounts. It was first registered in China, now out of Arizona (I think) -- we cannot determine who has squatted on it, and we do not wish to deal with whomever it may be. We were contacted by someone many, many years ago who tried to extort us and we declined; we've not heard from anyone regarding that since then.

  2. I still have not attempted to sort-out the Google issue with the information I came across, as I am in the process of Spring cleaning and moving a lot of physical things in the house.

    www.cyberculturalist.com is ours, as is theweirding.org. Only the former has been setup as of this time; I will work on theweirding.org when I can.

    We do not now, nor have we ever, had a newsletter. All blogs are available via RSS, but theweirding.net is not, nor was it ever.