Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April Updates

We've almost finalized the new design, we're just hammering-out new issues as we go. Still, everything is mostly set in place. You are welcome to visit and let us know what you think - we'd love to hear from you!

The OddBlog was never about recording every, little incident which defies rational explanation but, instead, a sort of curated collection of the weird and inexplicable. The Cybercultralist was always about Cyberculture, not merely a technology magazine. If you thought I'd abandoned these outlets, you're wrong; I simply have not had time to maintain them properly and they've strayed from their roots.

But, now that the heavy-lifting is over on The Weirding, I'm going to have more time to post. Very soon, all of the blogs will be active once again (including this one).you just have to wait it out.

One of the fields into which we are moving is audio/visual. We are still collecting gear and software to aid us in our endeavors but we hope to be prepared to bring you a far superior show (production-wise, at least) as well as maybe some other fare (podcasts, shorts, and more). Note that, due to financial constraints, this will not start happening for a few more months and it will be a few weeks before you start noticing major changes.

We'll do our best to roll-out everything smoothly and with as little incident as possible.

© 2015, The Weirding

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